Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Hindu Book of Love; (the Kama Sutra)

A Hindu book of love ; (the Kama Sutra)


 by Vatsyayana
Edited by Leo Markun



* Introduction    5 
* Piety, Wealth, and Sexual Power  5
* The Arts and Sciences of Love 11 
* The Life of a Citizen  17 
* The Various Classes of Women 23 
* The Arts of Love  26 
* Acquiring  a  Wife    31 
* The Newly-Married Couple 34 
* Courtship  39 
* How a Hindu Cinderella Should Act 45 
* Some Hindu Marriage Problems 46 
* The King's Wives  49 
* Other Men's Wive'. 50 
* The Courtesan  54 
* The  Concubine   57 
* Some Good Advice to Courtesans 60 

Why should we be interested in a Hindu manual of love? Surely we need not go all the way to India to find pornography. We can find enough of that in certain of our popular magazines and bestselling novels. We can find it in illustrated advertisements of hosiery and lingerie even more than in those books which have had trouble with the Vice Society. Personally I have no prejudice against books of real or supposed aphrodisiac effects. However, I have no intention of writing such an one here. The Kama Sutra is, literally speaking, to some extent pornographical. That is to it treats among other things of the harlot (or .ornc, in classical Greek). It is in no libidinous. Since, however, it calls things recognizable names, it is not likely to be available for general circulation in an unexpurgated edition. That is a pity, because reading the book can hardly have any than an educational effect. Not that the Hindu sage made any great scientific contributions to our knowledge of sex. Occidental investigators have understood the nature and the plication of the sexual impulse better than wise men of the East.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Kāma-Sūtra, Erotic Figures in Indian art by Marc de Smedt

The Kāma-Sūtra, Erotic Figures in Indian art by Marc de Smedt (Presenter); David MacRae (Translation) 



This book is an album of the most remarkable erotic and amorous illustrations from Indian Art, celebrating the Kama Sutra. Both paintings and sculptures are included, and most images are in color.

1. The Kama Sutra , a sacred text

Kama Sutra the very name is laden with erotic associations. Even those who have never read it know, or believe, that it is a treatise on the numerous postures ot love described in Indian tradition. It is true that the Kama Sutra is a treatise on love written about the third century AD by a Brahman, Vatsyayana, who presented, in a condensed form, a much older Tody of learning already existing in the ancient sacred and esoteric texts or India and which moreover was an integral part of the ritual governing day-to-day human relations.

Kama Sutra A Position A Day, 365 Days A Year

Kama Sutra A Position A Day, 365 Days A Year


Spice up your sex life with exciting new sex positions for every day of the year!

Luxuriate in sexy Kama Sutra skills from the classy but sensual Kama Sutra: A Position A Day and enjoy a whole year of seriously great sex. Pick a position depending on your desires, whether you want slow and sensual passion or something more exotic, while sex tips on each page make sure that you both experience the maximum pleasure. Packed with the best positions from the great Eastern love texts including the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga, you will become enlightened on the ancient art of making love.

For couples looking to spice up their sex life or just looking to have a bit of fun, Kama Sutra: A Position a Day is packed with tips and erotic know-how about how to perfect and enjoy each position. An ideal gift for sophisticated lovers, or treat yourself and your sex partner to a full year of pleasure.

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Ultimate Guide to Love and Intimacy: Kama Sutra translates to “Teachings on Desire.”

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