The Curving Knot


The Curving Knot

The friends linger behind. One discusses the matters of love. The master of the house, however, thinks only of his befoved who awaits him. He thinks of the 'line of jewels' he left at the bottom of her back. This is what one calls a bite made with all of the teeth. One of the hosts recounts how he practises the curving knot position, which demands skill and suppleness. The master of the house smiles dreamily... Last night his beloved, as clever as a she-monkey, led him into this perilous exercise. His legs remember it still! Each partner puts their arms into the hollow of their fences and pulls their legs towards them. Holding each other's hands, yoni and lingam are brought closer. Reaching ecstasy in this delicate position is said to be a token of the lovers' eternal love.

When your wife sits
with both knees drawn tight to her body
and you mirror this posture,
it is known to experts in the art of love
Yugmapada (The Foot Yoke).

Seated erect, the lovely girl
folds one leg to her body
and stretches the other along the bed,
while you mirror her actions:
this is
Yugmapada (The Feet Yoke).

Sitting erect, grip your lover's waist
and pull her on to you,
your loins continuously leaping together
with a sound like the flapping of elephants' ears:
this is
Kirtibandha (the Knot of Fame).

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