The Pestle

The Pestle

The room is perfumed, the flowered bed ready for love, but these two beep their distance, sulking. They are not lovers, they are deceived spouses. The unfaithful wife of one is attracted to the fickle husband of the other. They meet to talk it over. The betrayed wife sheds tears. The deceived husband is duty-bound to console her. How curious — he thought he did not like chubby women, yet this one arouses him endlessly. He wipes her cheeb with a caress. Refusing to be indebted to such a nice man, she gives him a kiss. Rivalling each other in politeness, they cuddle, tickle, embrace. And now, clasping her in his arms, erect like a mast in the middle of the bed, he pounds her and polishes her. Delicious revenge.

Stiff as a pole in the bed's center,
she lies making love,
cooing and warbling like a woodpigeon,
the jewel of her clitoris well-polished:
this is
Mausala (the Pestle).

When she lies on her back
with her two thighs pressed tightly together
and you make love to her,
keeping your thighs outside hers,
it is
Gramya (the Rustic).

Learn more about The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

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