The Tigress


The Tigress

At last, the lover has returned. He has been away for a long time. The marks his embraces left on his beloved's body have long since faded. He is now intimidated as he faces his mistress. It appears as if these few weeks have transformed the beauty. He has never seen her so radiant. A doubt crosses his mind. Could she have deceived him? As if she had heard his jealous thoughts, the beauty digs her pearly nails into his shoulders. Tiger's claw, peacock's foot, leaf of a blue lotus, swollen bite, broken cloud, they use claws and teeth like wildcats. And then the cunning lover slides his hand between the beauty's thighs, caresses delicately the yoni, and turns the tigress into a purring and cuddly cat.

If, seated face to face,
your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples,
her feet press your chest
and you make love holding each other's hands
it is
Kaurma (The Tortoise).

Seated, the lady raises
one foot to point vertically over her head
and steadies it with her hands,
offering up her yoni for lovemaking:
this is
Mayura (the Peacock).

If, sitting facing her,
you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain
behind your neck, and she
grips her toes as you make love,
it is the delightful
Padma (the Lotus).

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