The Sporting of a Sparrow


The Sporting of a Sparrow

The young widow of a very old husband, she mourns for his tenderness and kindness. The river is grey. The flowers have lost their fragrance. Why was she stopped from throwing herself onto the pyre? She falls asleep. A tear rolls down her cheek, her sighs causing her lovely breasts to rise. Kama, the god without a body, is moved by this sight. He takes the shape of a handsome prince and lies down upon her. The perfume of jasmine mixes with the young man's musky odour. Brisk like a sparrow, the god's lingam goes back and forth continuously inside her yoni. She has never known anything like this with her husband. Her groans accompany the river's rumbling. The singing of the birds awakens her. Was it only a dream? Who would care! Today the mourning is over. She will go to the temple to make offerings to Kama, the god of all desires.

In Samputa (the Jewel Case) your legs lie along hers
caressing their whole length from toes to thighs.
Your lover may be below you,
or you may both lie on your sides,
in which case she should always be on your left.

Learn more about The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

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