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Monday, July 5, 2021

Anaga Ranga: Stage of the Bodiless One, The Hindu Art of Love by Kalyana Malla

Anaga Ranga: Stage of the Bodiless One, The Hindu Art of Love

Anaga Ranga: Stage of the Bodiless One, The Hindu Art of Love


by Kalyana Malla




It is with great pleasure and a sense of anticipation that I present this foreword to Anaga Ranga: The Hindu Art of Love. This exquisite text attributed to Kalyana Malla offers us a fascinating window into the realm of Hindu erotica and sensual pleasure.

Throughout the ages, humans have been captivated by matters pertaining to love, sensuality, and the intricate dance of desire. While various cultures have explored these themes, the Hindu tradition stands out as unique, placing love and sacred sexuality at the very heart of its spiritual and cultural fabric. The Anaga Ranga, with its eloquent verses and sensual tales, encapsulates this rich tradition and invites readers to explore a world where physical and spiritual pleasure intertwine.

Kalyana Malla, the reputed author of the Anaga Ranga, demonstrates a profound understanding of human psychology and the complexities of relationships. Through his detailed descriptions of amorous encounters, he illuminates the art of seduction and the importance of mutual consent, respect, and pleasure in romantic unions. His words resonate even today, offering timeless wisdom to those seeking to navigate the labyrinthine pathways of love and intimacy.

In his role as translator and commentator, Kalyana Malla shows remarkable not only linguistic proficiency but also a deep appreciation for the cultural context of the Anaga Ranga. He delves into its metaphors, allusions, and symbolism, revealing a tapestry of meanings that encompass both the physical and metaphysical aspects of love. His insights, combined with his elegant prose, provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate literary and spiritual dimensions of this work.

As a traveler, scholar, and admirer of diverse cultures, I have long been drawn to exploring the fascinating intersections between different civilizations. The Anaga Ranga takes us on a captivating journey through the intimate aspects of Hindu culture, bringing to light an ancient wisdom that celebrates the unity of body, mind, and spirit. It is a testament to the universality of human desire and the quest for sensual and spiritual fulfillment.

At a time when conversations around love and sexuality were often shrouded in secrecy, the Anaga Ranga dared to illuminate the depths of human experience without reservation. Today, as society continues to evolve, it remains an invaluable resource, encouraging us to embrace our desires and navigate the intricacies of intimate relationships with consciousness, respect, and authenticity.

I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce this remarkable work to a wider audience, for it is through such endeavors that cultural exchange and understanding thrive. I trust that readers will approach the Anaga Ranga with an open mind, appreciating its beauty, its wisdom, and its capacity to enlighten us on the timeless pursuit of love in all its forms.

Olivia Salter



 Translated into English in 1885, this erotic book was not available to the public until the 1960s because it was considered too racey and graphic. Similar to Kama Sutra, based on Tantra, this love manual was written to try to keep mates faithful by providing sexual variation and excitement.


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