Sex Position: Apadravyas

Sometimes Kama, absent-minded, throws his arrow haphazardly. Thus one sees strange couples assembling. A man and a woman who should not have been brought together. They attract criticism, mockery. And yet, 'badly-matched' love defies time! This hare-man, thin and graceful, adores his elephant wife, as powerful as a giant. Their tastes, their preoccupations, lifee their bodies, are discordant. But they adore each other! And, in the games of love, their harmony is perfect. The hare-man knows all the subtle caresses that arouse his wife. Making use of Apadravyas, he increases the size of his frail lingam. There are all kinds of them in the pleasure room: gold armband, precious wood tube, ivory bracelet. They choose them according to how their lovemaking progresses.

First rub your penis with wasp stings
and massage it with sweet oil.
When it swells, let it dangle for ten nights
through a hole in your bed,
going to sleep each night on your stomach.

After this period use a cool ointment
to remove the pain and swelling.
By this method men... of insatiable
sexual appetite, manage to keep
their penises enlarged throughout their lives.

By applying an ointment made from
crushed barleria leaves
to her yoni, the elephant woman
can spend at least one night
discovering the delights of being a doe.

Likewise the doe can use honey
mixed with powdered roots
of lotus, madder, sal (tree of aromatic gum),
the blue lotus and the mongoose plant
to accomodate a stallion for one night.

Learn more about The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

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