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Kawa Sutra by Ghosh, S.l.


 Book from the Archaeological Survey of India Central Archaeological Library, New Delhi. Book Number: 8586. Book Title: Kawa Sutra

Vabhravya was most probably the author of a work on Kama-sutra which, however, could not have been so extensive as Vatsyayana states.


Foreword by P. C. Bagchi. M.A. (Cal), D.Litt. (Paris)



The Origins of the Kama-sutra ...


Relative Importance of Dharma, Artha and Kama ...
Three stages of life and Three Objectives — Significance of Dharma — Significance of Artha — Significance of Kama — Relative position of the Three Objectives — Why Kama-sutra should be studied — Why Religion should be observed — Why wealth should be acquired
— Why sensual pleasures should be enjoyed


Arts and Science to be Studied

Why women should be educated in sexual science — Suitable instructors for girls — The sixty-four accessory arts for women


The Life of a Citizen ...

How a man of fashion should arrange his home —
The daily life of a man of fashion — Social duties of a man of fashion — Social gatherings — Drinking parties — Garden parties or picnics— Popular festivities — Composition of a gentleman’s retinue — The social life of the village people


The Different Types of Women for Sensual Pleasures
Marital and extramarital relations — The fourth class,
another’s wife — Other sub-classes of mistresses — Classification of men — Women who should not be
enjoyed — The. intermediaries in love affairs — Requirements of a go-between


Conduct in Negotiating Marriage

How to select a bride — Girls who should be rejected as brides — What the bride’s party should do — What the bridegroom’s party should do


The Art of Winning the Confidence in the Wife

How to approach a newly married wife — Need of
gentle methods stressed — The technique of approach, embrace — The next step, the kiss — Third step, intimate talk — Stimulation of the mammillae — Technique of manipulation — Necessity of winning the girl’s love before marital relations


Courtship of Young Girls for Marriage

Why courtship is necessary before marriage — How to begin juvenile courtship: children’s game — Courtship by grown-ups: use of intermediary — Methods of pleasing a young girl — Signs of dawning love in a maiden


How TO Win a Wife and a Husband

How to press on with one’s suit after love has dawned on the girl — Final conquest of a sweetheart — Cases
where a maiden should herself select a husband — The final conquest of a suitor


Forms of Marriage Between Young Lovers

Marriage arranged through an intermediary — Formal
manage among lovers — Marriage by force and fraud :
paisacha marriage — Marriage by capture — Rakshasa
marriage — Gandharva marriage commended


Classification of Sexual Unions

The two aspects of sexual union — Classification according to dimensions of genital organs — Kinds of union according to size — Kinds of union according to character of passion — Kinds of union according to duration
— Total kinds of union — Four Categories of sexual


The Art of Embraces

Sixty-four accessories of sexual intercourse — The technique of the embrace — Intimate embraces — Embraces during the act of coitus — Rubbing or squeezing as a pleasant accessory process


The Art and Technique of Kissing

The order of the kiss and other forms of love-play — The technique of the kiss — Three kinds of the lip kiss for women — Love-play with kissing; the wager — The concurrent, or responsive kiss — Kisses on other parts of the body — Other forms of special kisses — Kissing of the hands and feet


The Art of Marking and Scratching with the Nails
Nail-markings ; when to be applied — Biting: its significance and use — Parts of the body to be scratched — Fashions in finger-nail trimming — The technique of scratching: the limited pressure — The half-moon and the circle — The tiger s claw and the peacock’s foot —

The leaping hare — The leaf of a lotus — The token of remembrance — Application of other scratch marks


The Art of Erotic Biting

Where to apply erotic biting — Characteristics of good teeth — Varieties of tooth-mark — Code messages between lovers


Local Customs and Practices in Love-Play

Local usages described — Local customs and approved
methods: which to follow — Relative power of different
forms of love-play — How a woman should take her


Attitudes in Sexual Communion

Three attitudes in tight-fit unions — Four attitudes in loose-fit unions — Other attitudes in sexual unions —
Front-to-back or averse attitude — Coitus in water —

The standing attitude — Attitudes of chase or quadrupedal attitudes — Group coitus by a single male — Group coitus by a single woman — Coitus in and on woman condemned


Stroking, Striking and Erotic Articulation

Stroking and striking as a sexual process — Erotic articulation ; numerous varieties — What is cooing — The technique of stroking — How a woman should give strokes and make sounds — Strokes peculiar to the Deccan — Violence in stroking condemned


Reversed Normal Attitude and Technique of Intromission

Two ways in which a woman can take the active r61e
— Technique of approaching normal coitus — How to enhance the pleasure in coitus of a woman — Signs of increasing passion in a woman — Ten ways of penial intromission — Three manners in Reversed Normal attitude


Conduct Before and After Sexual Intercourse:

Categories of Passion and Love-quarrels

How one should receive a desired woman — What
should be done after coitus — How to increase passion of lovers — Varieties of coitus according to nature of passion — ^What a lover should do in case of a love-quarrel with the beloved


The Duties and Conduct of a Sole Wife : Her


Household duties of a sole wife — The kitchen-garden of a house-wife — How a good wife should behave —

Social conduct of a good wife — Some useful Don’ts for a good wife — Proper dress for a wife — Duties of a wife as manager of the household — How a wife should behave when the husband is away on a sojourn


Duties of a Wife with a Co-wife or Co-wives ; Of a Widow ; Of a Neglected Wife ; Of Women in Royal
Harems ; Of a Husband of Many Wives

Why wives suffer co-wives — Duties of wife towards
a co-wife — How the eldest co-wife should conduct her- self — How the younger co-wife should conduct herself
— The duties of a re-married widow — The duties and conduct of a re-married widow — The duties and conduct of the neglected wife — king's way with his women — Royal routine for nocturnal pleasures —
Duties of a husband with several wives


Character of Men and Women : Why the Latter Reject Lovers' Advances: Women's Favorite and Their Easy Preys

Ten grades of intensity of passion that may justify adultery — Distinction between the nature of men and women — Why women remain constant to their husbands — How to overcome a lady’s scruples — Qualities
of men who succeed with women — Characteristics of women who are easily won over


The Technique of Approaching Another Man's Wife
How the lover should behave at the first meeting —

How to behave when acquaintance has progressed


How to Ascertain the Disposition of a Woman

Hints for knowing the state of a woman’s mind — How a reserved lady responds to a lover’s appeal — How a forward woman offers her love — Way of a woman who is alternately forward and shy


How A Female Messenger Should Work on Another's

Preliminary efforts by a female messenger — How the subject of the lover should be broached — Gestures that denote a lady’s growing favour — How a messenger should fan the fire of love — Suitable places and occasions for secret unions — Eight categories of female messengers.


How Rulers and Nobles Enjoy Others' Wives
Rulers forbidden to enjoy others’ wives — How village rulers and lords win others’ wives — How lords and kings enjoy others’ wives in towns — Other ways of how a king may enjoy others’ wives without entering others’ houses — The kings’ prerogative for open adultery in certain localities


The Ways of Royal Ladies and of Guarding Wives
From Evil

How dissatisfied wives obtain satisfaction of sexual desire — Citizens smuggled into royal zenanas — How a citizen should manage entry into the royal zenana —

Local customs in illicit congress among royal ladies —

How a man should protect his wife’s virtue — Reasons why women go astray


The Ways of a Prostitute: Her Helpers, Types of
Paramour and Technique of Reception

A prostitute’s agents and helpers — Lovers who are
entertained for their wealth — Character of the ideal beau — The women’s hero — Character of the ideal belle — Qualities that make for excellence in beau and belle — Men who should be rejected by all women — Why prostitutes accept lovers — How a prostitute should
secure a paramour


How A Prostitute should Please her Paramour by
Adopting the Ways of a Wife

How a prostitute should simulate devotion — How a
prostitute simulates understanding and appreciation of
the lover — A prostitute’s conduct in the lover’s sorrow
and joy — How a prostitute simulates the wife’s conduct
— A prostitute’s conduct when the lover is away — Signs of deep attachment


How A Courtesan earns her Money and how she Expels
THE Impoverished Lover

How to extract money from the paramour — How to
gratify the paramour into paying excessively — Signs of growing indifference in a paramour — A prostitute’s way of evicting a paramour


How A Courtesan Repairs her Broken Relations with

A Former Paramour

How a prostitute makes up to a former paramour - Where a courtesan should herself move for reunion
— How a courtesan should make up to a former lover


The Different Kinds of Gain

The technique of a freelance prostitute — Type of visitor to be preferred — Excess of gains for prostitutes
— When prostitutes forego wealth — When they extract fees — Where one can trust to future


Considerations of Complications and Doubts Arising
FROM Gains and Losses ; Types of Prostitutes ... 251
Complications and doubts — Different types of compli-
cations — Types of Pure Doubt — T3rpes of Mixed Doubt
— Types of twofold combination — Types of manifold


Secret Instructions for Beautification, Compelling
Another's Obedience and Aphrodisiacs and Tonics
How to enhance one’s beauty — Ways of bettering one’s luck — Owning a prostitute’s daughter — How to enslave the heart of a man or a woman — Recipes for aphrodisiacs and tonics


Recovery of Lost Passion, Increasing Physical Proportions and Miscellaneous Recipes

How to relieve a woman’s excessive passion — Variety of artificial membra — How the size of membrum is increased : perforation — Application of recipes — Miscellaneous recipes




Auparishtaka or Congressio in Ore


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